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[Botany • 2019] Phragmipedium cabrejosii (Orchidaceae, Cypripedioideae) • A New Species of Phragmipedium from Peru

Phragmipedium cabrejosii Damian, M.Díaz & Pupulin, 

in Parizaca, Díaz-Morales & Pupulin, 2019. 
(Orchidaceae: ) from Peru. Phytotaxa. 423(4) ; 

A new species
 of Phragmipedium section Lorifolia, P. cabrejosii, is described and illustrated from Peru, and its affinities are discussed. It is mainly compared with P. caricinum, from which it is distinguished by the simple inflorescence, the elliptic dorsal sepal, that is apically white, the shorter, apically twisted pale yellow petals tinged with rose, and the ovate-subrhombic staminodial shield (vs. reniform).

Keywords: Monocots, Junin selva central, Peru, Phragmipedium sect. Lorifolia

  Phragmipedium cabrejosii Damian, M.Díaz & Pupulin.
A: habit. B: flower. C: sepals and petals. d: lip, lateral and frontal views. e: column and lip, lateral view. F: longitudinal section of the lip, inner view. G: column, lateral view.
Drawing by Sara Poltronieri from the holotype.
Single bar = mm; double bar = cm; Triple bar = dm.

 Phragmipedium cabrejosii.
Lankester Composite Digital Plate (LCDP) prepared from the holotype.
Single bar = mm; double bar = cm; Triple bar = dm.

Phragmipedium cabrejosii Damian, M.Díaz & Pupulin, sp. nov.

Eponymy:— Named after Juan Martin Cabrejos Meza, a recognized grower of Peruvian Phragmipedium who first noticed that the species herein described could represent an undescribed taxon.

  Phragmipedium cabrejosii Damian, M.Díaz & Pupulin
Illustration: Robb Niklasson

Alexander Damian Parizaca, Melissa Díaz-Morales and Franco Pupulin. 2019. A New Species of Phragmipedium (Orchidaceae: Cypripedioideae) from Peru. Phytotaxa. 423(4) ; DOI: 10.11646/phytotaxa.423.4.4