Wednesday, April 14, 2021

[Botany • 2021] Kaempferia nigrifolia (Zingiberaceae) • A New Species from Central Thailand

 Kaempferia nigrifolia  Boonma & Saensouk

in Boonma, Saensouk & Saensouk, 2021. 
Kaempferia nigrifolia Boonma & Saensouk, a new species of Zingiberaceae from Central Thailand, is described and illustrated along with photographs, notes on its distribution and habitat. An identification key to the species of Kaempferia in Thailand is also presented.

Keywords: Kaempferia, New species, Taxonomy, Thailand, Zingiberaceae.

Fig. 1. Kaempferia nigrifolia Boonma & Saensouk:
a. Plants in natural habitat; b. Leaf–upper surface; c. Leaf–lower surface; d. Flower– oblique top view; e. Flower–side view; f. Flower–top view; g. Anther with crest; h. Comparison of flowers of K. nigrifolia and K. pulchra–top views
 (a-g from T. Boonma 14; photos by Thawatphong Boonma)

Kaempferia nigrifolia Boonma & Saensouk, sp. nov. 

The new species is similar to K. pulchra Ridl. but differs in having sessile leaves, shorter (c. 1 cm long) peduncle, broadly obovate light purple staminodes with white spot at base, longer than labellum, deeply divided light purple labellum with a white spot at the base and obovate lobes, sessile stamens and white triangular anther-crest which is bend to the back and lower than the plane of the petals.

Habitat: Occurring at elevations of 70–185 meters above sea level, growing in sandy loam soil, moist and close to the watercourse in a deciduous forest. 

Distribution: Hitherto endemic to Central Thailand.

Etymology: The specific epithet ‘nigrifolia’ is derived from two Latin words; ‘nigrum’ meaning ‘black’ and ‘folia’ meaning ‘leaves’ referring to its black leaves.

Vernacular name: ‘Nillakan - นิลกานต์’ in Thai language, refers to its black leaves. 


Boonma T., Saensouk S. and P. Saensouk. 2021. Kaempferia nigrifolia (Zingiberaceae), A New Species from Central Thailand. Rheedea - Journal of Indian Association for Angiosperm Taxonomy. 31(1); 270–277. DOI: 10.22244/rheedea.2020.31.01.02