Thursday, April 1, 2021

[Botany • 2020] Impatiens bakthangensis (Balsaminaceae) • A New Species from Sikkim, India

Impatiens bakthangensis Chhetri, Sherpa & Gogoi 

in Gogoi, Sherpa & Chhetri, 2020.
Impatiens bakthangensis sp. nov. a new species of Impatiens is described from the Bakthang area of Gangtok, East district of Sikkim (northeast India). With its distinctly bucciniform lower sepals, the new species is similar to I. duclouxii and I. discolor with which it has previously been confused, but differs in several floral characters. Detailed descriptions, distribution and discussion of ecology are provided, along with colour photographs.

Keywords: balsams, East Sikkim, eastern Himalaya, new taxa

Impatiens bakthangensis sp. nov.
(A) plants in habitat, (B) and (G) flower buds, (C1) and (E) flowers (lateral view), (C2) flowers (fronto‐lateral view), (C3) dorso‐lateral view of flower, (D) bract, (F1) lateral sepals upper pair, (F2) lateral sepals lower pair, (H) lateral united petals (dorsal view), (I) dorsal petal, (J) lower sepal, (K) lateral united petals (ventral view), (L) androecium, (M) capsule, (N) seeds, (O) fusiform fasciculate roots of the plant.

Impatiens bakthangensis Chhetri, Sherpa & Gogoi sp. nov.

Rajib Gogoi, Norbu Sherpa and Geetamani Chhetri. 2020. Impatiens bakthangensis sp. nov. (Balsaminaceae): A New Species from Sikkim, India. Nordic Journal of Botany. 38(10); DOI: 10.1111/njb.02872