Tuesday, August 2, 2016

[Herpetology • 2016] Pholidobolus ulisesi • A New Species of Andean Microteiid Lizard (Gymnophthalmidae: Cercosaurinae: Pholidobolus) from Peru, with comments on P. vertebralis

Pholidobolus ulisesi  

Venegas, Echevarria, Lobos, Nunes & Torres-Carvajal, 2016.

Based on morphological and molecular evidence, herein is reported the discovery of a new species of Pholidobolus from the Andes of northwestern Peru. The new species is known from the montane forests of Cajamarca and Lambayeque departments, at elevations of 1,800 – 2,300 m. It differs from other species of Pholidobolus in lacking prefrontal scales and having both strongly keeled dorsal scales and a diagonal white bar in the rictal region. Additionally, it is shown that records of P. vertebralis from Peru are based on misidentified specimens. The southernmost distribution records of P. vertebralis are from northwestern Ecuador. Also, an updated identification key for species of Pholidobolus is provided.

Key words. Andes, hemipenial morphology, lizards, Pholidobolus vertebralis, systematics

 Pablo J. Venegas, Lourdes Y. Echevarria, Simon E. Lobos, Pedro M. Sales Nunes and Omar Torres-Carvajal. 2016. A New Species of Andean Microteiid Lizard (Gymnophthalmidae: Cercosaurinae: Pholidobolus) from Peru, with comments on P. vertebralis
Amphibian & Reptile Conservation. 
10(1) [Special  Section]; 21-33 (e121).