Monday, May 23, 2016

[Botany • 2016] An Expansion of the Genus Deinostigma (Gesneriaceae) in Vietnam and China

 Based on molecular, morphological and cytological studies the previously monotypic genus Deinostigma W.T.Wang & Z.Y.Li has been expanded to include several species previously ascribed to Primulina Hance. Deinostigma now comprises seven species, including one previously placed in synonymy. The new combinations Deinostigma cicatricosa (W.T.Wang) D.J.Middleton & Mich.Möller, Deinostigma cycnostyla (B.L.Burtt) D.J.Middleton & H.J.Atkins, Deinostigma cyrtocarpa (D.Fang & L.Zeng) Mich.Möller & H.J.Atkins, Deinostigma eberhardti(Pellegr.) D.J.Middleton & H.J.Atkins, Deinostigma minutihamata (D.Wood) D.J.Middleton & H.J.Atkins and Deinostigma tamiana (B.L.Burtt) D.J.Middleton & H.J.Atkins are made. Deinostigma eberhardtii is lectotypified. The genus is defined by a combination of an alternate leaf arrangement, hooked hairs on many plant parts, flowers with the pedicel inserted at an angle and off-centre on the receptacle, and, where known, a somatic chromosome number (2n) of < 36. This new circumscription of the genus expands its distribution from Vietnam into South China.

Keywords. Molecular phylogeny, ovary morphology, Primulina, taxonomy

M. Möller, K. Nishii, H.J. Atkins, H.H. Kong, M. Kang, Y.G. Wei, F. Wen, X. Hong and D.J. Middleton. 2016. An Expansion of the Genus Deinostigma (Gesneriaceae). Gardens’ Bulletin Singapore. 68(1): 145–172.