Sunday, May 29, 2016

[Botany • 2013] Vanda perplexa • A New Species (Orchidaceae) from the Lesser Sunda Islands, Indonesia


Vanda perplexa, a new species of orchid from the Lesser Sunda Islands is described and discussed.

Key Words. Blume, Indonesia, orchid, Rumphius, section Deltoglossa, Vanda furva.

Vanda perplexa Motes & D. L. Roberts sp. nov. 

RECOGNITION. Affinity to Vanda limbata Blume but lacking a white margin to the petals and sepals, lip rectangular 12 – 14 mm wide (vs lip narrowly pandurate to 10 mm wide), column cylindrical (vs distinct thickening at base), inflorescence erect and compact (vs long and lax).

DISTRIBUTION. Indonesia: Rinac, Komodo National Park; Bima on Sumbawa, western Nusa Tenggara.

ETYMOLOGY. The specific epithet perplexa refers to the confusion the identity this taxon has created over the past 300 years.

M. Motes and D. L. Roberts. 2013. Vanda perplexa (Orchidaceae): A New Species from the Lesser Sunda Islands.  KEW BULLETIN. 68(2); 337-340. DOI  10.1007/S12225-013-9445-1

New orchid identified from Komodo via @physorg_com