Wednesday, May 25, 2016

[Botany • 2016] Boesenbergia siphonantha (Zingiberaceae), A New Record for Thailand and Vietnam with Notes on the Molecular Phylogeny

Fig. 3. Boesenbergia siphonantha (King ex Baker) M.Sabu, Prasanthk. & Škorničk. from Kanchanaburi, Thailand.   A. Plants in situ. B. Flower on a radical inflorescence. C. First day flower.
 From J. Mood & P. Chalermglin M2056. (Photos: J. Mood)

 Boesenbergia siphonantha (King ex Baker) M.Sabu, Prasanthk. & Škorničk. (Zingiberaceae) is newly recorded from Thailand and Vietnam. Its nomenclatural history, taxonomy, and molecular phylogeny are discussed. Figures, a comparative table and a watercolour illustration are provided.

Keywords. Andaman Islands, GastrochilusKaempferia

Boesenbergia siphonantha (King ex Baker) M.Sabu, Prasanthk. & Škorničk., Rheedea 14: 55 (2004). – Kaempferia siphonantha King ex Baker in Hook.f., Fl. Brit. India 6: 222 (1890). 
— TYPE: India, Andaman Islands, 1884, King’s Collector 372 (lectotype CAL [CAL0000000916]; isolectotypes CAL [CAL0000000912, CAL0000000913], K [K000640517]), first step designation by Sabu et al. (2004), second step here. (Figs. 2–6)

Distribution & Ecology. Andaman Islands: Moist, deciduous and inland evergreen forests on humus rich soil, 5–45 m elevation. Thailand: On and around limestone outcrops in deciduous, secondary forest with bamboo, medium to heavy shade at c. 70–800 m elevation. Vietnam: Deciduous Lagerstroemia L. forest on lateritic rocks.

J.D. Mood, H.Đ. Trần, J.F. Veldkamp and L.M. Prince. 2016. Boesenbergia siphonantha (Zingiberaceae), A New Record for Thailand and Vietnam with Notes on the Molecular Phylogeny. Gardens’ Bulletin Singapore. 68(1): 125–137.