Tuesday, October 16, 2012

[Botany • 2009] A Revision of Anisochilus Wall. ex Benth. (Lamiaceae)

Sixteen species of Anisochilus are reviewed. Full synonymy, information about types, distributions, and a key to species are given. The type of the little known A. adenanthus Dalzell has been found and the widely used A. verticillatus is a synonym. A. sericeus and A. dysophylloides var. purpureus are synonyms of A. dysophylloides. A. henryi, a recently published name is a synonym of A. robustus. Nine names are lectotypified. The genus occurs in South Asia, from the East Himalaya, North Thailand, and South China in the North to Sri Lanka and Peninsular Thailand in the South.

Key Words. Anisochilus, Lamiaceae, lectotypes, Leocus, Plectranthus, taxonomy.

Suddee, S. & Paton, A. 2009. A Revision of Anisochilus Wall. ex Benth. (Lamiaceae). Kew Bulletin. 64: 235–257. DOI: 10.1007/s12225-009-9115-5