Sunday, October 14, 2012

[Paleontology • 2008] Enormous ‘Sea Monster’ Fossil Found in the Arctic island chain of Svalbard, Norway

Artist's interpretation of the monster catching a pterosaur.

Scientists from the University of Oslo announced their discovery of a fossilized, 150 million-year-old “sea monster” on Spitspergen, in the Arctic island chain of Svalbard. 

The 50 ft. sea reptile, nicknamed “The Monster”, is the biggest on record, and is one of 40 such fossils discovered on the island. prior field expedition in the area revealed remains of another large pliosaur that is thought to be among the same species as “The Monster” 

The Monster's flipper alone measures 3m in length

Scene From Ancient Seas 
A pliosaur Pliosaurus funkei attacks a plesiosaur. 
Painting by Raul Martin (National Geographic Magazine Dec. 2008)
Sea Monsters of the North: Day 11-Skull Discovered at Last!  

Pliosaurus funkei | 'Predator X'
• A new species of Pliosaurus (Sauropterygia: Plesiosauria)
from the Middle Volgian of central Spitsbergen, Norway

''T. Rex of the Ocean'' Found in Arctic
Sea reptile is biggest on record