Tuesday, October 16, 2012

[Botany • 2006] Teucrium chasmophyticum Rech. f. (Lamiaceae): A New Record for the Flora of Turkey

An interesting chasmophytic Teucrium specimen was collected from Siirt, SE Turkey. It was identified according to the Flora of Turkey as T. paederotoides but with some doubt about certain characters. It was identified as T. chasmophyticum without any doubt from Flora Iranica. Because of some indistinct points between these 2 taxa, the recently described taxon was re-evaluated. The type specimen of the taxon was examined at W herbarium and its revised description is given here. A photograph of the type specimen and the Turkish material taken from the field is supplied along with a map.

Key Words: Lamiaceae, Teucrium, Turkey, Flora

2006. Teucrium chasmophyticum Rech. f. (Lamiaceae): A New Record for the Flora of Turkey