Thursday, June 23, 2011

[Palaeontology • 2011] Sangiorgioichthys sui • new Neopterygii from South China

Sangiorgioichthys sui,
López-Arbarello, Sun, Sferco, Tintori, Xu, Sun, Wu & Jiang, 2011

We report on a new species of the neopterygian genus Sangiorgioichthys Tintori and Lombardo, 2007, from middle Anisian (Pelsonian) deposits in South China (Luoping County, Yunnan Province). Sangiorgioichthys was previously known from a single species, S. aldae, from the late Ladinian of the Monte San Giorgio (Italy and Switzerland). The recognition of the new species helped to improve the diagnosis of the genus, which is mainly characterized by the presence of broad posttemporal and supracleithral bones, one or two suborbital bones occupying a triangular area ventral to the infraorbital bones and lateral to the quadrate, and

López-Arbarello, A., Sun, Z.-Y., Sferco, E., Tintori, A., Xu, G.-H., Sun, Y.-L., Wu, F.X., and Jiang, D.-Y. (2011). New Species of Sangiorgioichthys Tintori and Lombardo, 2007 (Neopterygii, Semionotiformes) from the Anisian of Luoping (Yunnan Province, South China). Zootaxa 2749: 25–39.: