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[Botany • 2005] พรรณไม้สกุลขมิ้น รายงานใหม่ 2 ชนิด | New records of Curcuma L. (Zingiberaceae) in Thailand

New records of Curcuma L. (Zingiberaceae) in Thailand


Abstract: Curcuma flaviflora S.Q. Tong and C. rubrobracteata Skornickova, M. Sabu & M. Prasanthkumar are newly recorded from northern and western Thailand respectively.

K. Larsen published a preliminary checklist of Zingiberaceae in Thailand in 1996. Since then, a few species of Curcuma have been described from neighbouring countries (Mood & Larsen, 2001; Sirirugsa & Newman, 2000 and Skornickova et al., 2003). Whilerevising this genus for the Flora of Thailand, the authors found C. flaviflora S.Q. Tong and C. rubrobracteata Skornickova, M. Sabu & M. Prasanthkumar, as new records for Thailand.

Curcuma flaviflora S.Q. Tong
Thailand.— NORTHERN: Chiang Mai, Mae Hong Son.
Ecology.— Found in open areas in pine forests, 1,200 m above sea level or higher. Flowers in May–July.
Distribution.— South China (Yunnan).
Notes.— This species is found only at high altitude from 1,200 m and up. The unique character is the pure yellow flower. The original description mentions red streaks on labellum but this is rarely found in Thai plants. Similar species found in northernThailand are C. bicolor J. Mood & K. Larsen, C. ecomata Craib, C. glans K. Larsen & J.Mood and C. singularis Gagnep. which have large, blunt and forward pointed anther spurs. These species also share many common characters such as rounded to cordate leaf-base, terminal inflorescence, without coma bracts and staminodes free from dorsal corolla-lobe

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Curcuma rubrobracteata Skornickova, M. Sabu & M. Prasanthkumar

Thailand.— NORTHERN: Chiang Mai, Lampang, Mae Hong Son, Phitsanulok, Tak; SOUTHWESTERN: Kanchanaburi.
Ecology.— Found in deciduous and evergreen forests, from 220–700 m above sealevel. Flowers in May–August.
Distribution.— India and Myanmar.
Notes.— This species has been collected many times since 1922. The distinguishing characters are the orange red bracts with light yellow or white base and compact terminal inflorescence which appears laterally. This species belongs to subgenus Curcuma (Eucurcuma K. Schum.).

Maknoi, C, P Sirirugsa and K Larsen. 2005, New records of Curcuma L. (Zingiberaceae) in Thailand. Thai Forest Bull. (BOT), vol. 33, pp. 71-74: