Thursday, June 30, 2011

[Botany • 2007] เปราะทองลาร์เซน | Cornukaempferia larsenii P. Saensouk • Phu Rua & Na Haeo National Parks, Loei Province, NE Thailand

Cornukaempferia larsenii P. Saensouk sp. nov.

Cornukaempferia larsenii sp. nov. (Zingiberaceae): A New Species from Thailand

A new species of Cornukaempferia, C. larsenii P. Saensouk is described, illustrated and the key to the three species of the genus is given.

KEY WORDS: Cornukaempferia, Zingiberaceae, new species, Thailand

Cornukaempferia is a genus, with two species endemic to Northeastern Thailand namely, C. aurantiflora and C. longipetiolata.The genus Cornukaempferia was established by Mood and Larsen (1997) based on C. aurantiflora. Later Mood and Larsen (1999) described the second species, C. longipetiolata. During a floristic survey carried out by the first author in Phu Rua and Na Haeo National Parks, Loei Province, a morphologically distinct species of Cornukaempferia was discovered.

Saensouk, P., Theerakulpisut, P., & Chantaranothai, P. 2007. Cornukaempferia larsenii sp. nov. (Zingiberaceae): a new species from Thailand. The Natural History of Chulalongkorn University. 7: 169–173.:,%20115-119.pdf