Thursday, February 25, 2021

[Entomology • 2021] Giavarhynchus amicorum • A New Genus and Species of Anophthalmous Otiorhynchini (Coleoptera: Curculionidae, Entiminae) from Greece, with A New Synonymy and New Combinations

Giavarhynchus amicorum Bellò, Osella et Ruzzier,

in Bellò, Colonnelli, ... et Ruzzier, 2021.
A new genus of Entiminae, an endogean weevil of the tribe Otiorhynchini, Giavarhynchus Bellò, Osella & Ruzzier, gen. n., and its type species Giavarhynchus amicorum Bellò, Osella & Ruzzier, sp. n. are described. The new taxon is readily distinguished from all other members of the tribe due to the unique combination of lack of eyes, elongate rostrum with a ventral transverse furrow and excised lateral margins located at apical third, punctation of pronotum of two distinct sizes arranged in a distinctive pattern, interval 7 of elytra protruding from base of pronotum and crenulate basally, metafemora bearing a spine-like tooth much larger than that of pro- and mesofemora, female tibiae granulate on inner margin, bisinuous mesotibiae. The following synonymy is proposed: Nematocerus Reiche, 1849 (= Cyrtozemia Pascoe, 1872, syn. n.; = Holcorhinosoma Voss, 1939, syn. n.). New combinations are: Nematocerus cognatus (Marshall, 1916), comb. n.; Nematocerus dispar (Pascoe, 1872), comb. n.; Nematocerus pilipes (Morimoto, 2015), comb. n., all from Cyrtozemia; Nematocerus subtuberculatus (Voss, 1939), comb. n. from Holcorhinosoma. New tribal placement is: Pseudocratopus Hustache, 1921 from Otiorhynchini to Peritelini. New subgeneric placement is that of Otiorhynchus deceptorius Białooki, Germann & Pelletier, 2017 and of Otiorhynchus incisirostris Białooki, Germann & Pelletier, 2017 from Otiorhynchus (Lixorrhynchus) Reitter, 1914 to Otiorhynchus (Aranihus) Reitter, 1912.

Keywords: Coleoptera, Entiminae, Otiorhynchini, taxonomy, new genus, new species, new synonymy, new combinations, Greece

Cesare Bellò, Enzo Colonnelli, Leonardo Forbicioni, Giuseppe Osella and Enrico Ruzzier. 2021. A New Genus and Species of Anophthalmous Otiorhynchini from Greece, with A New Synonymy and New Combinations (Coleoptera: Curculionidae, Entiminae).  Zootaxa. 4938(1); 69–84. DOI: 10.11646/zootaxa.4938.1.3