Monday, February 22, 2021

[Botany • 2021] Begonia murlenensis (Begoniaceae, sect. Platycentrum) • A New Species of Begonia from northeastern India

 Begonia murlenensis N. Krishna & Pradeep

in Krishna, Pradeep, et al., 2021. 

A new species of Begonia, Begonia murlenensis (sect. Platycentrum) is described and illustrated from northeastern India. The new species is compared with B. manhaoensis. Diagnostic characters are provided along with a distribution map and notes on its habitat and phenology. Begonia zhongyangiana as a new record in India is also presented here along with a distribution map.

Keywords: Mizoram, Murlen, new record, new species, Taxonomy, Eudicots

FIGURE 2. Begonia murlenensis N. Krishna & Pradeep,
 A. Flowering plant; B. Male flower; C. Female flower; D. Male tepals; E. Female tepals; F. Androecium; G. Stamen; H. Single style separated; I. Fruit; J. Cross section of ovary; K. Seed.

FIGURE 2. Begonia murlenensis N. Krishna & Pradeep,
A. Habit & habitat; B. Cultivated individual; C. Tuberous base of the rhizome; D. Cross section of petiole; E. Bulbils and plantlets at sinus; F. Lamina; G. Male flowers; H&I. Female flowers; J. Male tepals; K. Female tepals; L. Androecium; M. Stamens; N. Styles; O. Style separated; P. Fruit; Q. Cross section of ovary; R. Seeds.
(Photos: A-R by Nikhil Krishna).

Begonia murlenensis N.Krishna & Pradeep sp. nov.

Etymology:—The specific epithet is derived from the name of the type locality, Murlen National Park in Mizoram.

Nikhil Krishna, Ayilliath Kuttiyeri Pradeep, Athalappil Amrutha and Thachat Jayakrishnan. 2021. A New Species and A New Record of Begonia (sect. Platycentrum, Begoniaceae) from northeastern India. Phytotaxa. 482(3); 261–267. DOI: 10.11646/phytotaxa.482.3.4