Wednesday, February 17, 2021

[Botany • 2020] Allium nerimaniae (Amaryllidaceae) • A New Species of Allium sect. Codonoprasum from Turkey

Allium nerimaniae Koçyiğit & E. Kaya,

in Koçyiğit & Kaya, 2020. 

Allium nerimaniae from Van (East Anatolia) is described and illustrated. It is compared with the related Allium hirtovaginum according to distinct morphological characteristics. The seed morphology and leaf anatomy of A. nerimaniae and A. hirtovaginum are also presented and discussed. A key for identification of the hairy taxa of sect. Codonoprasum is presented.

Keywords: Allium, new species, leaf anatomy, seed morphology, SEM, Monocots

FIGURE 2. Details of Allium nerimaniae Koçyiğit & E. Kaya:
A) Inflorescence, B) Perigone, C) Bulb and scape, D) Tepals and filaments, E) Ovary, F) Capsule, G) Leaf sheaths, H) Indumentum of scape, I) Indumentum of leaf sheaths, J) Outer tunic.

FIGURE 1. Allium nerimaniae Koçyiğit & E. Kaya (ISTE voucher number: 100000/Van).
 A) Inflorescence, B) Perigone, C) Scape, D) Leaf sheaths.

Allium nerimaniae Koçyiğit & E. Kaya, sp. nov.

Etymology:— The species is named in honor of the eminent Turkish botanist Prof. Dr. Neriman Özhatay, who is one of the experts for the genus Allium in the world and dedicated her life to better understand the Turkish Flora, on the occasion of her retirement from Istanbul University. 

FIGURE 4. The habitat of Allium nerimaniae 
(Photo by Ş. Alp)

Mine Koçyiğit and Erdal Kaya. 2020. Allium nerimaniae (Amaryllidaceae), A New Species of A. Sect. Codonoprasum from Turkey. Phytotaxa. 435(1); 16–24. DOI: 10.11646/phytotaxa.435.1.2