Friday, February 19, 2021

[Botany • 2019] Begonia zhongyangiana (Begoniaceae) • A New Species of Begonia from western China

Begonia zhongyangiana W.G.Wang et S.Z.Zhang

in Wang, Lang, ... et Zhang, 2019. 

Begonia zhongyangiana, a new species iBegonia sect. Platycentrum (Begoniaceae) from Motuo (SE Xizang, China), is described and illustrated. This new species is similar to B. versicolor, B. scintillans and B. smithiae, but can be distinguished by its shorter rhizome lacking or rarely with short stems when blooming, orange-yellow flowers, 2 styles and 2-loculed ovary.

Keywords: Begonia, New taxon, Taxonomy, Tibet, western China, Eudicots

FIGURE 1. Begonia zhongyangiana W.G.Wang et S.Z.Zhang.
 A.  Habit;  B.  Hairs  and  margin  of  the  adaxially  leaf;  C.  Stipule;  D. Bract; E. Staminate flower; F&G. Outer tepal of the staminate flower; H. Inner tepal of the staminate flower; I. Androecium; J. Anthers; K. Pistillate flower; L. Cross-section of ovary; M. Capsule. N. Side view of stigmas.
(Drawn by Mr. Z. M. Li, based on the variegated individual with short stem cultivated in Fairy Lake Botanical Garden) 

FIGURE 2. Begonia zhongyangiana W.G.Wang et S.Z.Zhang.
A. Habit; B. Cultivated individuals; C. Blooming individual with short erect stems; D. Adult plant without erect stem; E. Staminate flowers; F. Side view of the pistillate flower; G. Front view of the pistillate flower; H. Cross-section of ovary; I. Capsule.
(Photos: A, E, F, I by W. G. Wang; B by J. M. Chen; C, D, G, H by D. K. Tian). 

Begonia zhongyangiana W.G.Wang et S.Z.Zhang, sp. nov . 

Etymology:—The specific epithet zhongyangiana is named after Dr. Yang Zhong, a Chinese botanist who was dedicated to botanical research and seed bank in Xizang (Tibet), China.  

Wen-Guang Wang, Xiao-An Lang, Lei-Lei Yang, Hong Wu and Shou-Zhou Zhang. 2019. Begonia zhongyangiana, A New Species of Begonia (Begoniaceae) from western China. Phytotaxa. 407(1); 51-58. DOI:10.11646/phytotaxa.407.1.8