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[Botany • 2020] Etlingera tjiasmantoi (Zingiberaceae) • A New Species from Central Sulawesi, Indonesia

Etlingera tjiasmantoi Ardiyani & Ardi 

in Ardiyani, Ardi, Santoso & Poulsen, 2020.


 A new species of Etlingera, Etlingera tjiasmantoi Ardiyani & Ardi, was discovered at Tentena, Central Sulawesi, and is described here. This species resembles Etlingera flexuosa A.D.Poulsen and Etlingera mamasarum A.D.Poulsen & Ardiyani but differs from both in having thecae dehiscing through their entire length and in the obovoid, glabrous and spineless fruits. The DNA barcode data, the line drawings of flower and fruit and the plate of E. tjiasmantoi were presented.
Keywords: DNA barcode, Etlingera flexuosa, E. mamasarum, Indonesia, Zingiberales.

Inflorescences of Etlingera species.
A. Etlingera flexuosa (Poulsen et al. 2655, the type).
B. E. mamasarum (Ardiyani et al. Sulbar 004, the type).
C. Etlingera tjiasmantoi (M. Ardiyani et al. 1007, the type).
Photos by A. D. Poulsen, M. Ardiyani & W. H. Ardi.

Fig. 1. Etlingera tjiasmantoi Ardiyani & Ardi spec. nov.
A. Leaves (upper surface). B. Leaves (lower surface). C. Leaf base, ligule and petiole. D. Base of leafy shoot and inflorescence arising from the rhizome. E. Inflorescence with three freshly opened flowers. F. Infructescence. G. a. Two flowers with a fertile bract each. b. Bract. c. Bracteole. d. Calyx. e. Flower with bracteole and calyx removed. f. Corolla lobes. g. Labellum. h. Flower with calyx, corolla lobes and labellum removed. i. Fruit.
From M. Ardiyani et al. 1007. Photos by M. Ardiyani & W.H. Ardi.

Etlingera tjiasmantoi Ardiyani & Ardi spec. nov. 

Etlingera tjiasmantoi is similar to E. flexuosa A.D.Poulsen and E. mamasarum A.D.Poulsen & Ardiyani in having entire ligules with ± emarginate apex, long petioles (around 4 cm), elongated elliptic to narrowly ovate laminas, pointed calyces, and ± pink flowers but E. tjiasmantoi differs from both in having thecae dehiscing through their entire length (vs. in upper part) and in the obovoid, glabrous and spineless fruits (vs. pyriform or round, pubescent and with small spines).

Habitat & Ecology. Grows in secondary forest by the road between Tentena and Bada, near a waterfall and a stream at about 1,700 m asl.

 Etymology. The epithet honours Mr. Wewin Tjiasmanto who funded the botanical trip to Central Sulawesi, and who is greatly concerned for wildlife, taxonomy, exploration and conservation.

 Marlina Ardiyani, Wisnu Handoyo Ardi, Wahyudi Santoso and Axel Dalberg Poulsen. 2020. Etlingera tjiasmantoi (Zingiberaceae), A New Species from Central Sulawesi. Reinwardtia. 19(2); 103‒108. DOI: 10.14203/reinwardtia.v19i2.3972

Congratulations to Dr. Marlina Ardiyani @MarlinaArdiyani and Wisnu Ardi @Begonia_Wisnu who in March this year, discovered a new species of Etlingera in Central Sulawesi. Today, E. tjiasmantoi is published in REINWARDTIA bringing the number of Etlingera species in Sulawesi to 48.