Tuesday, November 13, 2012

[Herpetology • 2011] Lyciasalamandra irfani • A new Lycian salamander Lyciasalamandra (Urodela: Salamandridae), threatened with extinction, from the Göynük Canyon (Antalya), southwestern Anatolia

Lyciasalamandra irfani Göçmen, Arikan & Yalçinkaya 2011 

A new species of the Lycian Salamander, Lyciasalamandra irfani n. sp. is described and its relation  with similar previously known taxa is discussed. The new species characterized by having rather darkly coloured head part and also an aubergine reddish brown ground colour on dorsum with irregularly scattered white flecks. It originates from Göynük Canyon (Antalya) in southwestern Anatolia. At present, the distribution is limited to its type locality. Some information is added in regard to its habitat.

Key Words: New salamander species, Lyciasalamandra irfani n.sp., serology, taxonomy, Turkey. 

Göçmen B, Arikan H, Yalçinkaya D. 2011 A new Lycian salamander, threatened with extinction, from the Göynük Canyon (Antalya, Anatolia), Lyciasalamandra irfani n. sp. (Urodela: Salamandridae). North-western Journal of Zoology Romania. 7:151-160. http://sci.ege.edu.tr/~bgocmen/88_nwjz.111119.Gocmen.pdf