Tuesday, December 4, 2012

[Botany • 2012] Somrania albiflora & S. lineata | ขาวพรหมจรรย์Somrania D.J.Middleton, a new genus of Gesneriaceae from karst limestone in Peninsular Thailand

The new genus Somrania D.J.Middleton is described along with two new species, Somrania albiflora D.J.Middleton and Somrania lineata D.J.Middleton & Triboun.

We describe these two species in the new genus Somrania D.J.Middleton, named in honour of Dr. Somran  Suddee of the Forest Herbarium Bangkok.

Distribution.— Currently only known from two species on karst limestone in Peninsular Thailand.

2012. Somrania, a new genus of Gesneriaceae from Thailand. Thai For. Bull. (Bot.).