Sunday, February 21, 2016

[Herpetology • 2007] Eutropis grandis • A New Species of Large Eutropis (Scincidae) from Sulawesi, Indonesia

Eutropis grandis
Howard, Gillespie, Riyanto & Iskandar, 2007 
 DOI:  10.1670/233-05.1 
A new species of Eutropis (Sauria: Scincidae) is described from the island of Sulawesi, Indonesia, distinguished from all congeneric species, with the exception of Eutropis longicaudis, by its large size and low number of midbody scale rows. It has two primary temporal scales, whereas E. longicaudis from Borneo has only one. This new species is diurnal, partially arboreal, and inhabits rain forest from below 100 m to at least 600 m elevation.


S. D. Howard, G. R. Gillespie, A. Riyanto and D. T. Iskandar. 2007. A New Species of Large Eutropis (Scincidae) from Sulawesi, Indonesia.
Journal of Herpetology. 41(4):604-610.  DOI:  10.1670/233-05.1