Tuesday, December 15, 2015

[Entomology • 2015] Sixty New Dragonfly and Damselfly Species from Africa (Odonata)


 The following new species of Odonata are described from Africa: Umma gumma, Africocypha varicolor, Chlorocypha aurora, Chlorocypha flammea, Chlorocypha granata, Chlorocypha maxima, Pentaphlebia mangana, Allocnemis vicki, Elattoneura aurifex, Elattoneura lapidaria, Elattoneura tarbotonorum, Aciagrion bapepe, Africallagma quingentum, Agriocnemis canuango, Agriocnemis toto, Ceriagrion banditum, Ceriagrion junceum, Ceriagrion obfuscans, Pseudagrion aureolum, Pseudagrion dactylidium, Pseudagrion munte, Pseudagrion pacale, Pseudagrion sarepi, Pseudagrion tanganyicum, Anax gladiator, Gynacantha congolica, Gynacantha pupillata, Lestinogomphus calcaratus, Lestinogomphus nefrens, Lestinogomphus obtusus, Lestinogomphus venustus, Notogomphus bosumbuli, Notogomphus cobyae, Notogomphus gorilla, Notogomphus intermedius, Notogomphus kimpavita, Onychogomphus undecim, Paragomphus cammaertsi, Paragomphus clausnitzerorum, Paragomphus darwalli, Paragomphus dispar, Paragomphus lemperti, Phyllogomphus bongorum, Tragogomphus grogonfla, Eleuthemis eogaster, Eleuthemis libera, Eleuthemis umbrina, Malgassophlebia andzaba, Neodythemis infra, Neodythemis katanga, Orthetrum agaricum, Orthetrum kafwi, Orthetrum lusinga, Orthetrum umbratum, Porpax mezierei, Trithemis hinnula, Trithemis legrandi, Urothemis venata, Zygonyx annika, Zygonyx denticulatus and Zygonyx dionyx. 
The taxonomy of these genera and species-groups and complexes are also discussed: Chlorocypha, including the diagnosis of C. dahli, C. ghesquierei and C. victoriae; the pauli group of Allocnemis; the glauca-group and vrijdaghi-complex of Elattoneura; the suave-complex of Ceriagrion, including the diagnosis of C. mourae, C. sakejii and C. suave; the varians-group of Ceriagrion, including the diagnosis and rejected synonymy of C. platystigma with C. varians; the speratus-group of Anax, including the diagnosis and rejected synonymy of A. rutherfordi with A. speratus; the bullata-group of Gynacantha, including the diagnosis and rejected synonymy of G. victoriae with G. bullata; Lestinogomphus, including the diagnosis of L. matilei and new synonymy of L. (formerly Microgomphus) bivittatus with Mastigogomphus (formerly Neurogomphus) chapini; Notogomphus, including the new synonymies of N. butoloensis with N. leroyi, of N. anaci and N. verschuereni with N. spinosus, and of N. meruensis with N. ilimandjaricus; the supinus-group of Onychogomphus; Paragomphus, especially the cognatus-group, including the diagnoses and new synonymies of P. bredoi and P. xanthus with P. serrulatus, and of P. interruptus with P. machadoi, and the diagnosis of P. maynei; Eleuthemis, including the diagnosis and rejected synonymy of E. quadrigutta with E. buettikoferi; the saegeri-group of Orthetrum; the basitincta- and longistyla-groups of Trithemis, including the new synonymies of the genera Anectothemis, Congothemis, Lokithemis and Porpacithemis with Trithemis, and of T. trithemoides with T. apicalis; and the flavicosta-complex of Zygonyx.


Klaas-Douwe B. Dijkstra , Jens Kipping and Nicolas Mézière. 2015. Sixty New Dragonfly and Damselfly Species from Africa (Odonata). Odonatologica. 44(4); 447-678

The need to name all forms of life: 60 new species of dragonflies described from Africa