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[Botany • 2013] Cochinchinochloa braiana • A New Bamboo Genus (Gramineae: Bambusoideae-Bambusineae) Endemic to Braian mountain, Lamdong Province, southern Vietnam

Fig. 2 Cochinchinochloa braiana H.N.Nguyen & V.T.Tran.
a. Habitat; b. rhizome with short necks; c. branches with middle one dominant; d. internode with thick swollen patella and bud; e. base of culm leaf; f. leafy flowering branch; g. section of leafy branch with under leaves surface; h. section of leafy branch with upper leaves surface; i. section of internode of leafy branch with thick swollen patella; j. stigmas; k. lodicules; l. ventral view of culm leaf with auricles; m. dorsal view of culm leaf; n. culm leaf; o, p. section of flowering branches; q, r. pseudospikelets with two florets; s. 2-keeled, grooved palea; t. lodicules and stamens; u. floret; v. caryopsis.
 Photos: Tran Van Tien from the type locality

A clambering bamboo endemic to Braian mountain, southern Vietnam represents a new monotypic endemic genus, Cochinchinochloa H.N.Nguyen & V.T.Tran (Gramineae: Bambusoideae-Bambusinae), which is described and illustrated. Its culm nodes and the nodes of leafy branches exhibit a thick swollen patella, and in the reproductive state this taxon bears pseudospikelets having two perfect florets, with an elongated rachilla internode between the perfect florets, a rachilla extension bearing an imperfect floret at maturity, a narrowly 2-keeled palea with a distinct abaxial groove, three lodicules, six stamens, free filaments, a glabrous ovary with a long style and three stigmas, and an oblong caryopsis with a relatively thin pericarp.

Keywords: Bambusoideae, Bambusinae, CochinchinochloaCochinchinochloa braiana, New Genus, Taxonomy

 Cochinchinochloa braiana H.N.Nguyen & V.T.Tran. 

Cochinchinochloa H.N.Nguyen & V.T.Tran, gen. nov. Fig. 1
 Type species. Cochinchinochloa braiana H.N.Nguyen & V.T.Tran.
 Etymology. The generic epithet refers to the Cochinchine area (southern Vietnam, which includes Braian mountain, Lamdong Province where the species is located), and -chloa: grass. The specific epithet refers to the type locality, Braian mountain, Di Linh District, Lamdong Province, Vietnam.

Nguyen, H.N.; Tran, V.T.; Hoang, T.T. 2013. Cochinchinochloa (Gramineae: Bambusoideae-Bambusineae), A New Bamboo Genus Endemic to Braian mountain, southern Vietnam. Blumea - Biodiversity, Evolution and Biogeography of Plants, 58(1); 28-32(5).