Friday, March 14, 2014

[Fungi • 2009] Podoserpula miranda • a spectacular new fungus species (Amylocorticiales, Basidiomycota) from New Caledonia

Podoserpula miranda Ducousso, S.Proust, D.Vigier & Eyssart. (2009)

Although New Caledonia, a 17,000 km2 island in the South Pacific, is recognised as a biodiversity hot-spot, the inventory of New Caledonian fungi is far from complete: it is estimated that barely 1 % of fungal species found in New Caledonia have been described to date. Thanks to a research programme on the role of mycorrhizal fungi in plant adaptation to extreme soil conditions, and to the creation of the Mycological Society for New Caledonia, several hundred species have been identified and new species have been discovered, including the remarkable Podoserpula miranda prov. name. 

Keywords: Podoserpula, species, fungus flora, New Caledonia.


Podoserpula miranda sp. nov. (Amylocorticiales) is described from an old Arillastrum gummifera stand in New Caledonia.

Keywords: Arillastrum , biodiversity, Craterellus , taxonomy

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Buyck B, Duhem B, Eyssartier G, Ducousso M. 2012. Podoserpula miranda sp. nov. (Amylocorticiales, Basidiomycota) from New Caledonia. Cryptogamie, Mycologie. 33 (4): 453–51.