Friday, March 11, 2022

[Diplopoda • 2022] Pandirodesmus jaggernauthi • The Millipede Genus Pandirodesmus Silvestri, 1932 (Polydesmida, Chelodesmidae, Pandirodesmini) in Trinidad and Tobago, Caribbean, with the Description of A New Species from Trinidad

Pandirodesmus jaggernauthi
VandenSpiegel, Golovatch & Rutherford, 2022

During several collecting surveys for terrestrial micro-molluscs across Trinidad and Tobago, millipedes of the genus Pandirodesmus were taken by MR on both islands. Samples of P. rutherfordi Shelley & Smith, 2015, from Tobago, were recovered in addition to those containing a new species from Trinidad: Pandirodesmus jaggernauthi sp. nov. Additional records, illustrations, and descriptive notes are given for P. rutherfordi. A key is presented to all three species of the genus, and their distributions are mapped.
Keywords: Myriapoda, taxonomy, new species, key, map

Pandirodesmus jaggernauthi sp. nov. 

Didier VandenSpiegel, Sergei Golovatch and Michael G. Rutherford. 2022. The Millipede Genus Pandirodesmus Silvestri, 1932 in Trinidad and Tobago, Caribbean, with the Description of P. jaggernauthi sp. nov. from Trinidad (Diplopoda, Polydesmida, Chelodesmidae, Pandirodesmini). Zootaxa. 5104(4); 567-576. DOI: 10.11646/zootaxa.5104.4.6