Sunday, March 13, 2022

[Entomology • 2022] Review of the Adoretini (Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae, Rutelinae) of Cambodia with Six New Species

Adoretus (Adoretus) phauki sp. nov., ♂ holotype, 
A. (A.) cambodiensis sp. nov., ♂ holotype.

Limbourg, Constant & Seidel, 2022

All Cambodian species of the Rutelinae tribe Adoretini (Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae) are listed and commented on. Ten species are recorded from the country for the first time: Adoretus (Adoretuscribratus White, 1844, A. (Adoretussaigonensis Ohaus, 1914, A. (Adoretuslajoyi Ohaus, 1914, A. (Adoretusnitens Frey, 1970, A. (Adoretusohmomoi Kobayashi, 2007, A. (Adoretusvietnamensis Frey, 1970, A. (Chaetadoretuslaosensis Frey, 1970, A. (Lepadoretusarrowi (Frey, 1970), A. (Lepadoretuspauliani (Frey, 1970), and A. (Lepadoretusvitticauda Arrow, 1914. Six new species are described and compared to their related species: A. (Adoretusbacrii sp. nov., A. (A.) cambodiensissp. nov., A. (A.) husemanni sp. nov., A. (A.) phauki sp. nov., A. (A.) sougnezi sp. nov. and A. (A.) khmerus sp. nov. The type material of A. (Lepadoretuscompressus (Weber, 1801) was rediscovered, and a lectotype is designated. Adoretus (Adoretussaigonensis Ohaus, 1914 is confirmed as a good species. Male genitalia illustrations, photographs of habitus and distribution maps are provided for all species. The Cambodian fauna of Adoretini now counts 19 species.

 Keywords: Rutelids, Adoretini, faunistic, taxonomy, Cambodia, Global Taxonomy Initiative

 Adoretus (Adoretus) phauki sp. nov., ♂ holotype (RBINS), A. (A.) cambodiensis sp. nov., ♂ holotype (RBINS) and A. (A.) khmerus sp. nov., ♂ holotype (RBINS).
Background: sampled locations in the framework of the Global Taxonomy Initiative projects in Cambodia.

Pol Limbourg, Jérôme Constant and Matthias Seidel. 2022. Review of the Adoretini of Cambodia with six new species (Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae, Rutelinae). Belgian Journal of Entomology. 128: 1–58.