Wednesday, May 13, 2015

[Botany • 2014] Orchidantha lengguanii • A New Species (Lowiaceae) from Endau-Rompin National Park, Johor, Peninsular Malaysia, and Typification of O. maxillarioides

Orchidantha lengguanii Škorničk.


 A new Orchidantha species from Endau-Rompin National Park (Johor, Peninsular Malaysia), Orchidantha lengguanii Škorničk., is described and illustrated. It is compared to its morphologically most similar species Orchidantha maxillarioides (Ridl.) K.Schum., which is also illustrated. A lectotype and epitype for Orchidantha maxillarioides are also designated here.

Keywords: Epitype, Johor, lectotype, Lowia, Orchidantha maxillarioides, Protamomum, Sungai Selai, typification

Etymology. The species is named after its discoverer, Dr Saw Leng Guan, an excellent field botanist from the Forest Research Institute of Malaysia. He is not only a well known palm specialist, but also has a particular interest in the Zingiberales of Peninsular Malaysia (see e.g. Larsen et al., 1999).

Distribution. So far known only from the type locality in Endau-Rompin National
Park, Sungai Selai area.

Ecology & phenology. Growing in lowland dipterocarp forest, river side. The phenology is not well understood. The original collection made in August 2002 was flowering only sparsely. In cultivation, profuse flowering has been observed in November–December.

 J. Leong-Škorničková. 2014. Orchidantha lengguanii (Lowiaceae), A New Species from Peninsular Malaysia, and Typification of O. maxillarioidesGardens’ Bulletin Singapore. 66(1): 15-25. 2014