Saturday, January 10, 2015

[Botany • 2014] Porpax thaithongiae | เอื้องรังนกไทยทอง • A New Species (Orchidaceae) from the degraded limestone hills the western part of Thailand

เอื้องรังนกไทยทอง | Porpax thaithongiae
Suddee, Prommanut & Watthana | photo: BKF

Porpax thaithongiae, a new species from the degraded limestone hills in Umphang District, Tak Province in the western part of Thailand is described and illustrated.

KEY WORDS: Porpax, new species, Orchidaceae, Thailand

Thailand.— NORTHERN: Tak [Umphang District, Umphang Wildlife Sanctuary, Doi Hua Mot, 879 m alt., 13 April 2013, Suddee, Rueangruea, Prommanut & Pansamrong 4433 (BKF); ibid, 3
July 2013, Prommanut 307 (BKF)].
Distribution.— Endemic (known only from the type locality).

Phenology.— Flowering: April–May.
Ecology.— Dry deciduous dipterocarp forest on degraded limestone hills; 800–900 m alt.

Vernacular.— Ueang rangnok thai thong (เอื้องรังนกไทยทอง)
Etymology.— Porpax thaithongiae is named in honour of Assoc. Prof. Dr Obchant Thaithong of the Department of Botany, Chulalongkorn University, who has long contributed to Thai orchids study.

Conservation.— DD (Data Deficient). More exploration is needed in order to gain more information for conservation assessment. 

Somran Suddee, Phattaravee Prommanut and Santi Watthana. 2014. Porpax thaithongiae (Orchidaceae) A New Species from Thailand. 
THAI FOR. BULL. (BOT.) 42: 100–103.