Thursday, July 31, 2014

[Primate • 2014] Asian Primates: An Updated Taxonomy and Conservation Status Review

The present paper summarises and updates information on the taxonomy and status of Asian non-human primates from a new multi-author synthesis. For each species we include taxonomic authority, species type locality, subspecies, current distribution and conservation status. Including taxa described since the synthesis was published, the Asian non-human primate fauna comprises 119 species and 183 taxa, in 22 Asian countries. We give a breakdown of species by country, by conservation status category, and the number of species per status category in each family and genus. Of the 113 Asian primate species that have been assessed, 17 (15%) are Critically Endangered, 45 (40%) are Endangered and 25 (22%) are Vulnerable. The most endangered genera are RhinopithecusPygathrixNasalisSimiasHylobatesNomascusSymphalangus and Pongo.





Christian Roos, Ramesh Boonratana, Jatna Supriatna, John R Fellowes, Colin P. Groves, Stephen D. Nash, Anthony B. Rylands and Russell A. Mittermeier. 2014. An Updated Taxonomy and Conservation Status Review of Asian Primates. Asian Primates Journal. 4(1): 2-38.