Saturday, July 12, 2014

[Botany • 2010] A New Genus, Kurziella from Thailand (Vernonieae: Asteraceae)

Kurziella gymnoclada (Collett & Hemsley) H. Rob. & S. Bunwong
Fig. 1. Photographs of Kurziella gymnocladaยุ้งปัดแม่หม้าย [Yoong Pad Maa Mai]
 A, Habit, plant ca. 0.5 m high. B, Leaves in young branch in period before or after anthesis, larger leaves ca. 3 cm by 2 cm. C, Solitary terminal capitulum with pink flowers, capitulum ca. 10 mm long.

A new genus, Kurziella, is named to accommodate the Southeast Asian species Vernonia gymnoclada Coll. & Hemsl., a species often determined in herbaria as Vernonia juncea Kurz in Hook.f., nom. nud.

Kurziella H. Rob. & S. Bunwong, gen. nov.
Type species.— Vernonia gymnoclada Collett & Hemsley
Plantae Vernonieae in habitis in anthesis subaphyllis et in caulibus glabris distinctae.

The new genus is named here for the botanist who has been credited with the first unvalidated naming of the species, Wilhelm Sulpiz Kurz,1834–1878.

Kurziella gymnoclada (Collett & Hemsley) H. Rob. & S. Bunwong, comb. nov.

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