Wednesday, July 30, 2014

[Botany • 2013] Thismia hexagona • A New Species of Thismia (Thismiaceae) the first recod of the Genus and Family from Brunei Darussalam, Borneo

 Thismia hexagona
 Dančák,  Hroneš, Kobrlová & Sochor

A new species of Thismia (Thismiaceae) from Borneo is described. Thismia hexagona was discovered in 2013 in lowland mixed dipterocarp forest in Ulu Temburong, Brunei Darussalam. The species is circumscribed, illustrated and its position within the Malesian species of the genus is characterised by insertion into the existing determination key. Its most conspicuous feature is bright yellow, sharply hexagonal flower annulus.

 Martin Dančák, Michal Hroneš, Michal Sochor, Lucie Kobrlová, Radim Hédl, Záboj Hrázský, Anna Vildomcová, Rahayu Sukmaria Sukri and Faizah Metali. 2013. A New Species of Thismia (Thismiaceae) from Brunei Darussalam, Borneo. Phytotaxa. 125:33-39. DOI: 10.11646/phytotaxa.125.1.5