Saturday, July 12, 2014

[Botany • 2014] Revisions and Key to the Vernonieae (Compositae) of Thailand

Acilepis attenuata B Camchaya loloana C Camchaya loloana var. mukdahanensis
D Decaneuropsis cumingiana E Decaneuropsis eberhardtii F Pseudelephantopus spicatus  G Kurziella gymnoclada H Monosis parishii I Tarlmounia elliptica

Seventeen genera and 48 species, in five subtribes, are recognized in Thailand. These include 15 endemic taxa, half of which are in the largest genus, Acilepis, with others in the genera Camchaya, Koyamasia, and Okia. A new monotypic genus, Pulicarioidea, is established with P. annamica, the new name for the species formerly known as Vernonia pulicarioides. New combinations are also made for Acilepis kerrii, Cyanthillium montanum, Koyamasia curtisii and Okia pseudobirmanica. Forty-six characters including habit, leaf, flower, achene and pollen morphology were analyzed using UPGMA. Five clusters of taxa were identified. Keys to genera, species and varieties, descriptions, vernacular names, ecological data and illustrations are provided.

Keywords: Acilepis, Asteraceae, Camchaya, Cichorioideae, Cyanthillium, Decaneuropsis, Elephantopus, Ethulia, Gymnanthemum, Iodocephalopsis, Koyamasia, Kurziella, Monosis, Okia, Pseudelephantopus, Pulicarioidea, southeast Asia, Strobocalyx, Struchium, Tarlmounia


Figure 5. Morphology of Vernonieae in Thailand 1.
A Acilepis attenuata B Acilepis divergens C Acilepis namnaoensis D Acilepis ngaoensis E Acilepis peguensis F Acilepis principis G Acilepis saligna H Acilepis silhetensis I Acilepis squarrosa.
Figure 6. Morphology of Vernonieae in Thailand 2.
A Camchaya gracilis B Camchaya loloana C Camchaya loloana var. mukdahanensis D Camchaya pentagona E–F Camchaya spinulifera G Camchaya tenuiflora H–I Camchaya thailandica.


Figure 7. Morphology of Vernonieae in Thailand 3. 
A Cyanthillium cinereum B Cyanthillium montanum C Cyanthillium patulum D Decaneuropsis cumingiana E Decaneuropsis eberhardtii F Decaneuropsis garrettiana.
Figure 8. Morphology of Vernonieae in Thailand 4. 
A Elephantopus mollis B–C Elephantopus scaber D Elephantopus scaber var. penicillatus E–F Pseudelephantopus spicatus.


Figure 9. Morphology of Vernonieae in Thailand 5. 
A–B Gymnanthemum extensum C Iodocephalopsis eberhardtii D Koyamasia calcarea E–F Koyamasia curtisii G Kurziella gymnoclada H Monosis parishii I Monosis volkameriifolia 
Figure 10. Morphology of Vernonieae in Thailand 6. 
A Okia birmanica B Okia pseudobirmanica C Pulicarioidea annamica D–E Strobocalyx arborea F Strobocalyx solanifolia G–H Struchium sparganophorum I Tarlmounia elliptica.

Sukhonthip Bunwong, Pranom Chantaranothai, Sterling C. Keeley. 2014. Revisions and Key to the Vernonieae (Compositae) of Thailand. PhytoKeys 37: 25–101