Monday, January 30, 2012

[Botany • 2010] The vegetation structure on the granitic inselberg in Songkhla province, Peninsular Thailand

The vegetation structure on the granitic inselberg 
in Songkhla province, Peninsular Thailand

Plant communities were studied and fl oristic surveys of vascular plants carried out on Khao Reng, a small “inselberg” in Songkhla province from October 2008 to February 2010. Seventy three species were recorded with the three most commonly encountered families being Orchidaceae (12 species), Rubiaceae (7 species), and Poaceae (7 species). Profiles of the vegetation on its microhabitats were made. The microhabitats on the rock platform of the inselberg of Khao Reng are categorized into seven types, rock crevices and clefts, rock falls, shallow depressions, deep depressions, exposed rock slopes, shady fl at rocky slopes, and rock platform fringes. The rock platform fringes which possess various conditions of soil accumulation and light intensities, have accommodated the highest plant species numbers.

Key words: Vascular plants, granitic inselberg, peninsular Thailand.

Figure 4.  Typical microhabitat types on the granitic inselberg of Khao Reng hill: A. Rock crevices and clefts; B. Shallow depressions; C. Deep depressions; D. Rock platform fringes.