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[Botany • 2007] จำปีถิ่นไทย | Magnolia koordersiana • New Magnoliaceae records from Peninsular Thailand

Magnolia koordersiana (Noot.) Figlar 

New and interesting Magnoliaceae records from Peninsular Thailand

Magnolia koordersiana (Noot.) Figlar is recorded for the first time in Thailand. The species is described and illustrated. Previously unknown populations of the two rare species Magnolia elegans (Blume) H.Keng and Magnolia praecalva (Dandy) Figlar & Noot. are also recorded.

Magnolia koordersiana (Noot.) Figlar 

Distribution.— Peninsular Malaysia (Selangor, 1 collection); Sumatra (6 collections).
Thailand.—  PENINSULAR: Chumphon (Nam Tok Ngao National Park), Phangnga (Sri Phangnga National Park & Ton Bariwat Wildlife Sanctuary), Songkhla (Khao Nam Khang National Park).

Ecology.— Primary evergreen forest, usually in well-drained areas along ridges or on sloping ground, 130–650 m.  Flowering Nov.–Feb.; fruiting April.

Notes.— Readily distinguished from all other Magnoliaceae in Peninsular Thailand by the combination of axillary flowers and petioles without stipular scar.  Magnolia koordersiana is scattered over a wide area in Peninsular Thailand from 6ํ35' to 9ํ51' latitude but is never common. We have seen a total of six mature trees with flowers or fruit, never more than two in a single locality. The lack of a stipule scar on the petiole can easily lead to confusion with other families, particularly Lauraceae, in the absence of flowers or fruit. Flowering trees range in size from 24–33 m with a dense crown and relatively few flowers open simultaneously, making this species difficult to spot in the forest. This may explain why there are no 

2007. New and interesting Magnoliaceae records from Peninsular Thailand http://web3.dnp.go.th/botany/PDF/TFB/TFB35/TFB35_8Magnoliaceae.pdf