Tuesday, January 31, 2012

[Botany • 2009] พรรณพฤกษชาติ วงศ์จำปา ในประเทศไทย • The Magnoliaceae of Thailand

จำปี Magnolia x alba: a. flower; มณฑาดอย M. hodgsonii: b. flower; แก้วมหาวัน M. floribunda: c. flower; มณฑาป่า M. garretti: d. flower

 The Flora of Thailand treatment in 1975 recognised eight genera and 13–16 species in Thailand. Morphological studies and research using DNA sequence data, including nuclear DNA, have shown that only one genus occurs in Thailand, Magnolia L. Since 1975 many more species have been found to occur in Thailand, both newly described taxa and new records. Thus a new treatment for Thailand is presented recognising 25 species in a single genus, Magnolia. Keys are given to flowering and fruiting material, and synonymy, descriptions and supporting information provided.

KEY WORDS: Magnolia, Magnoliaceae, Thailand, taxonomy, keys.

Figure 3. จำปาขาว Magnolia baillonii champaca: a. flower; b. fruit; แก้วมหาวัน Mfloribunda: c. flower; มณฑาป่า M. garretti: d. flower; มณฑาภู M. henryi: e. flower; มณฑิรา M. insignis: f. flower.
Photographs H.P. Nooteboom.

Figure 4. จำปี Magnolia x alba: a. flower; มณฑาดอย M. hodgsonii: b. flower;
จำปาหลวง M. utilis: c. flower; d. fruit; จำปีสิรินธร M. sirindhorniae: e. flower; f. fruit.
Photographs a–d. H.P. Nooteboom; photographs e–f. P. Chalermglin.

Nooteboom, H.P. and Chalermglin P. 2009. The Magnoliaceae of Thailand. Thai For. Bull. (Botany). 37: 111-138.