Thursday, July 4, 2024

[Botany • 2024] Paraphlomis youyangensis (Lamiaceae) • A New Species from southeastern Chongqing, China

 Paraphlomis youyangensis H.Jiang, R.B.Zhang & Tan Deng, 

in Zhang, Deng, Jiang, Xie, Wei, Dou, Qian et He, 2024. 

The newly discovered Paraphlomis youyangensis, native to southeastern Chongqing, China, is introduced to the scientific community. This species exhibits similarities in floral structure to P. kuankuoshuiensis but is distinguishable by several discrete features, such as less pronounced rhizomes (<0.5 vs. 2–4 cm), elongated stolons (present vs. absent), smaller leaf blades (1.8‒5.5 × 1.2–3.1 vs. 10–37 × 3–8 cm), leaf margins (shallowly repand and mucronulate vs. serrulate), and shorter bracteoles (1.2–4 vs. ca. 5 mm). Phylogenetic assessments based on two nuclear genes and three chloroplast genes indicated that P. youyangensis has a closer evolutionary relationship with P. yingdeensis but is differentiated from the latter by long stolons, smaller leaf blades (vs. 6.2–16.5 × 4–11.5 cm), leaf margins (vs. crenate-serrate), and notably shorter bracteoles (vs. 7–8 mm).

Keyword: cpDNA, limestone flora, nrDNA, Paraphlomis jiangyongensis, P. kuankuoshuiensis, P. nana, P. yingdeensis

 Line drawing of  Paraphlomis youyangensis H.Jiang, R.B.Zhang & Tan Deng.
A. Plant; B. Adaxial leaf surface; C. Abaxial leaf surface; D. Opened calyx; E. Opened corolla; F. Flower; G. Stamens; H. Pistil.
Drawn by Tan Deng.

Photographs of Paraphlomis youyangensis H.Jiang, R.B.Zhang & Tan Deng.
A. Habitat; B. One clone, showing long stolons; C. Tufted plants; D. Stem indumentum; E. Adaxial leaf surface; F. Abaxial leaf surface; G. Inflorescence; H. Flower; I. Bracteoles; J. Opened calyx; K. Opened corolla; L. Corolla lips; M. Thecae; N. Ovary; O. Pistil.
Photographed by Hong Jiang & Ren-Bo Zhang, composed by Tan Deng.

Paraphlomis youyangensis H.Jiang, R.B.Zhang & Tan Deng, sp. nov. 

Diagnosis: The height and foliage dimensions of Paraphlomis youyangensis are similar to those of P. jiangyongensis and P. nana; however, its floral characteristics are more similar to those of P. kuankuoshuiensis. Despite these similarities, P. youyangensis is readily distinguishable from P. kuankuoshuiensis by several distinct traits: inconspicuous rhizomes (<0.5 vs. 2–4 cm), long stolons (vs. absent), much smaller sized lamina (1.8–5.5 × 1.2–3.1 cm vs. 10– 37 × 3‒8 cm), shallowly repand and mucronulate lamina margin (vs. serrulate), and shorter bracteoles (1.2–4 mm vs. ca. 5 mm).  

Ren-Bo Zhang, Tan Deng, Hong Jiang, Da-Jun Xie, Ruo-Xun Wei, Quan-Li Dou, Zheng-Min Qian and Lin He. 2024. Paraphlomis youyangensis (Lamiaceae), A New Species from southeastern Chongqing, China. Taiwania. 69(3); 281-287. DOI: 10.6165/tai.2024.69.281