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[Botany • 2023] Catasetum krahlii (Orchidaceae: Catasetinae) • A New and threatened Species from the Brazilian Amazon

Catasetum krahlii D.R.P.Krahl, Cantuária, J.B.F.Silva & Chiron, 

 in Krahl, Oliveira, Silva, Chiron et Cantuária, 2023. 
In the present study we propose a new Catasetum taxon belonging to the group of species with symmetrical and converging antennae. It was found in a vegetation of “terra firme” and “campinarana” in the central Brazilian Amazon. A detailed description of the taxon is given as well as a photograph plate and comments relating to distribution, habitat, phenology and conservation status. It is compared to C. rivularium and C. barbatum which are sympatric species and somewhat similar to the new taxon. Furthermore, we present a key to Catasetum species with symmetrical and convergent antennae occurring in the Brazilian Amazon.

Keywords: Amazon basin; biodiversity; Manaus; orchid; epiphyte; taxonomy

Catasetum krahlii.
 A - Habit. B - Inflorescence. C - Floral bract. D-E - Flower. F - Floral segments. G-I - Lip. J-K - Column. L - Anther cap. M - Pollinarium. 
Photos by A.H. Krahl.

Catasetum krahlii.
A - Habit. B - Inflorescence. C - Floral bract. D - Flower. E - Floral segments. F-H - Lip. I - Column. J - Anther cap. K - Pollinarium.
 Ilustration by M.F. Negrão.

Catasetum krahlii D.R.P.Krahl, Cantuária, J.B.F.Silva & Chiron, sp. nov. 
Catasetum krahlii Catasetum rivularium Barbosa Rodrigues similis est, ambae species antennas symmetricas convergentesque efficientes, sed labello oblongo (versus triangulare), labelli callo basale acuto unguiforme (versus cylindrico apice laciniato), fimbriis in labelli apice conjunctis (versus liberis), differt.

Etymology: the specific epithet is given in honor of M.Sc. Amauri Herbert Krahl, a Brazilian botanist who specialized in Orchidaceae from Brazilian Amazon and described many species from the region. Moreover, he was the collector of the type and paratype specimens.

Dayse Raiane Passos Krahl, Miguel Sena de Oliveira, João Batista Fernandes da Silva, Guy Chiron, Patrick de Castro Cantuária. 2023. Catasetum krahlii (Orchidaceae, Catasetinae): A New and threatened Species from the Brazilian Amazon. Acta Bot. Bras. 37. DOI: 10.1590/1677-941X-ABB-2022-0258