Wednesday, July 10, 2024

[Botany • 2024] Guapurium caipirinha (Myrtaceae) • A New Species of jaboticaba from Brazil with pentamerous flowers

Guapurium caipirinha 

 in Braga, Ferreira da Silva, Melo, Tiburcio, Pereira da Silva, Ferreira, Lacerda et Lorenzi, 2024. 

Guapurium caipirinha (Myrtaceae) is a new species of jaboticaba from Minas Gerais state, Southeastern Brazil, which morphologically resembles Plinia oblongata, from which it differs in being a shrub or treelet 1–4 m height, with exclusively pentamerous flowers, and membranous epicarp with very sweet pulp. A detailed morphological description, etymology and vernacular names, information on history, phenology, conservation, habitat and taxonomic notes, a distribution map, and images of living plants and the type specimen are provided.

jaboticaba, Myrtaceae, Myrtales, PliniaGuapurium, Eudicots  

João Marcelo Alvarenga Braga, Diego Ferreira da Silva, Eugenio Arantes de Melo, Hélio Caixeta Tiburcio, Adelício Pereira da Silva, Rodrigo Borges Ferreira, Marco Túlio Côrtes de Lacerda and Harri Lorenzi. 2024. Guapurium caipirinha (Myrtaceae), A New Species of jaboticaba from Brazil with pentamerous flowers.  Phytotaxa. 652(3); 217-226. DOI: 10.11646/phytotaxa.652.3.3