Wednesday, July 10, 2024

[Mollusca • 2024] Grandinenia jiangjilini • A New Species of Grandinenia Minato & Chen, 1984 (Gastropoda: Stylommatophora: Clausiliidae: Garnieriinae) from Guangxi, China

Grandinenia jiangjilini  Chen, Lin, Wu & Ouyang,

in Chen, Jiang, Lin, Xie, Dai, Wu et Ouyang, 2024.
江氏斜管螺  || DOI: 10.3897/zse.100.126340

A molecular phylogenetic study was conducted on genus Grandinenia, based on COI and 16S sequences. A total of eight out of 26 species in the genus, as well as three unidentified species were sequenced. Phylogenetic results supported the monophyly of Grandinenia and the validity of all sampled species and subspecies. A new species, Grandinenia jiangjilini Chen, Lin, Wu & Ouyang, sp. nov., from Guangxi, southern China is identified and described, based on morphological comparison and molecular phylogeny. The discovery indicates that the inflated-fusiform shell is not isolated in genus Grandinenia and the species diversity of the genus still remains to be explored.

Key Words: Door snails, karst landscape, phylogeny, taxonomy

Grandinenia jiangjilini sp. nov. and two congeners.
A. Grandinenia jiangjilini sp. nov., holotype (23_NCU_XPWU_YG01); B. G. mirifica; C. G. ignea.

Living specimens of Grandinenia.
A, B. Grandinenia jiangjilini sp. nov.; C. G. gastrum; D. G. mirifica.

Family Clausiliidae Gray, 1855
Subfamily Garnieriinae Boettger, 1926

Genus Grandinenia Minato & Chen, 1984

 Grandinenia jiangjilini Chen, Lin, Wu & Ouyang, sp. nov.

Different diagnosis: Shell entire (vs. decollated in G. ardouiniana (Heude, 1885), G. gabijakabi Grego & Szekeres, 2014, G. gastrum (Nordsieck, 2005), G. mirifica (Chen & Gao, 1982), G. pallidissima Nordsieck, 2010, G. pseudofuchsi (Nordsieck, 2005), G. rex Nordsieck, 2007, G. rutila Nordsieck, 2016, G. schomburgi (Schmacker & Boettger, 1890), G. takagii (Chang, 2004), G. umbra (Chang, 2004)), hardly decollated, inflated-fusiform (vs. slender-fusiform in all other congeners, except G. mirifica), light yellowish-brown, semitranslucent; teleoconch with broad, blunt and sparse wrinkles (ribs) (vs. without or with thin and dense ribs in all other congeners); peristome not reflected; inferior lamella lower in front than within; penial caecum present (vs. absent in G. fuchsi (Gredler, 1883), G. pseudofuchsi, G. takagii and G. mirifica).

Etymology: The species is named after Mr Ji-Lin Jiang who first discovered the new species and assisted in the field survey.

Vernacular name: 江氏斜管螺 (Pinyin: jiāng shì xié guǎn luó).

Zhong-Guang Chen, Jiao Jiang, Ran-Xi Lin, Guang-Long Xie, Yu-Ting Dai, Xiao-Ping Wu and Shan  Ouyang. 2024. A New Species of Grandinenia Minato & Chen, 1984 (Gastropoda, Stylommatophora, Clausiliidae, Garnieriinae) from Guangxi, China. Zoosystematics and Evolution. 100(3): 913-922. DOI: 10.3897/zse.100.126340