Sunday, September 26, 2021

[Botany • 2021] Trivalvaria tomentosa (Annonaceae) • A New Species from Southeast Yunnan, China

Trivalvaria tomentosa B.Xue, Y.H.Tan & Y.S.Chen,

in Xue, Li, Liao, ... et Chen, 2021. 
Trivalvaria tomentosa sp. nov. is herein described from Yunnan Province in China. It is easily distinguished from all previously described Trivalvaria species by having tomentose twigs, petioles, abaxial surface of the leaves, sepals and petals. A detailed description for the new species, along with line drawings, photographs, as well as morphological comparisons with similar species, are provided. A phylogenetic analysis was conducted to confirm the placement of this new species within Trivalvaria.

Keywords: biodiversity, Malmeoideae, Miliuseae, phylogeny, taxonomy

Trivalvaria tomentosa B.Xue, Y.H.Tan & Y.S.Chen,
(A) Growth form of the plant, (B) branch, showing the rusty tomentose indumentum of the branch, petiole and margin at the leaf base, (C) flowring branch, showing the extra-axillary inflorescence with two flowers, (D) top view of a flower, (E) fruit, (F) transverse section of the seed.
– Photos: (A), (D), (E) and (F) by Jun-Jie Liao, (B) and (C) by Hai-Lei Zheng.

Trivalvaria tomentosa B.Xue, Y.H.Tan & Y.S.Chen, sp. nov. 
Etymology: The specific epithet refers to the tomentose indumentum on the twigs, leaves and flowers.


Bine Xue, Jian-Wu Li, Jun-Jie Liao, Ming-Zhong Mo, Yun-Hong Tan and You-Sheng Chen. 2021. Trivalvaria tomentosa (Annonaceae), A New Species from Southeast Yunnan, China. Nordic Journal of Botany. DOI: 10.1111/njb.03215

New Trivalvaria species of custard apple family found in southeast Yunnan