Thursday, September 2, 2021

[Botany • 2021] Phanera laotica & P. rubra (Leguminosae: Cercidoideae) • Two New Species of Phanera from Lao PDR

Phanera laotica Mattapha & Lanors. and
Phanera rubra Lanors. & Mattapha

in Mattapha, Lanorsavanh, Lamxay & Chanthavongsa, 2021.

Two new species of the genus Phanera, Phanera laotica Mattapha & Lanors. and P. rubra Lanors. & Mattapha, are described and illustrated. Their taxonomic affinities are discussed. They were discovered in central Lao PDR and are assessed here as endemic and rare species.

Key Words: Bauhinia, Indo-China, Leguminosae, taxonomy

Phanera laotica Mattapha & Lanors. sp. nov.

 Type: Laos, Bolikhamxai province, Paksan distr., ...

ETYMOLOGY. The specific epithet refers to the country, Lao PDR, where the species was discovered and found as endemic.

Phanera rubra Lanors. & Mattapha, sp. nov. 

Type: Laos, Xaysomboun province, Longxan distr., 
Phou Khao Khouay National Protected Area, ...

ETYMOLOGY. The specific epithet “rubra” refers to the reddish flowers.

Sawai Mattapha, Soulivanh Lanorsavanh, Vichith Lamxay and Khamfa Chanthavongsa. 2021. Two New Species of Phanera (Fabaceae: Cercidoideae) from Lao PDR. Kew Bulletin. DOI: 10.1007/s12225-021-09964-1