Tuesday, May 4, 2021

[Botany • 2021] Didymocarpus vickifunkiae (Gesneriaceae) • A New Species from the Indo-Burma Hotspot and Lectotypification of D. aureoglandulosus

 Didymocarpus vickifunkiae  

in Prasanna & Gowda, 2021. 

A new gesneriad species, Didymocarpus vickifunkiae is described here from the Indo-Burma biodiversity hotspot. The new species is morphologically similar to D. aureoglandulosus, but differs from it in having a corolla tube with indumentum, eglandular and ovate to oblanceolate bracteoles, slightly broader calyx lobes, and a bearded anther. We provide a detailed morphological description of the newly described species along with images and compare it with species that are morphologically similar to it. Here, we also lectotypify D. aureoglandulosus and provide a brief history on its collection and taxonomy. Finally, we provide a dichotomous identification key for all the Didymocarpus species from Mizoram, India.

 Keywords: Gesneriads; Mizoram; Vicki Funk; taxonomy

Didymocarpus vickifunkiae

  Naibi Shrungeshwara Prasanna and Vinita Gowda. 2021. Didymocarpus vickifunkiae (Gesneriaceae), A New Species from the Indo-Burma Hotspot and Lectotypification of D. aureoglandulosus. Systematic Botany. 46(1); 229-234. DOI: 10.1600/036364421X16128061189486