Monday, May 3, 2021

[Botany • 2016] Ixora predeepii (Rubiaceae) • A New Species from southern Western Ghats, India

Ixora predeepii Anoop et Harikrishnan,

in Balan & Shanmugam, 2016.

 Ixora predeepii, a new species of the family Rubiaceae from Southern Western Ghats, India is described and illustrated. It is allied to Ixora elongata Heyne ex D. Don in general appearance, but differs from the latter by its small habit, short peduncled congested inflorescence, small purplish white flowers with glabrous corolla and scarlet berry. 

Keywords: Ixora; New species; Rubiaceae; Southern Western Ghats.

Ixora predeepii Anoop et Harikrishnan, sp. nov.
A. Habit; B. Nodal portion; C & D. Inflorescence; E. Flower; F & G. Infructescence; H. Seeds.

Ixora predeepii Anoop et Harikrishnan, sp. nov.
A. Habit; B. Stipule; C. Flower; D. Calyx; E. Corolla lobe; F. Stamen; G. Infructescence.

Ixora predeepii Anoop et Harikrishnan, sp. nov.

 Diagnosis: Ixora predeepii sp. nov. is allied to I. elongata in its general appearance, many– flowered, congested inflorescence with pubescent peduncle and calyx, but clearly distinct from the latter by its small habit, comparatively small leaves, short peduncled congested inflorescence with small flowers, long calyx lobes, glabrous corolla and scarlet berry (Table 1). 

Etymology: Specific epithet of the new taxon is in honor of Dr. S.V. Predeep, Department of Botany, SVR NSS College, Vazhoor for his valuable contributions to the field of Angiosperm taxonomy. 

 Habitat: Cardamom plantations and the margins of evergreen forests at 1100 m elevation.

 Anoop P. Balan and Harikrishnan Shanmugam. 2016. Ixora predeepii, A New Species of Rubiaceae from southern Western Ghats, India. Bangladesh J. Plant Taxon. 23(1); 65-69. DOI: 10.3329/bjpt.v23i1.28346