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[Botany • 2019] Curcuma tongii (Zingiberaceae, subg. Ecomatae) • A New Species from southern Yunnan, China

Curcuma tongii Y. H. Tan & L. X. Zhang.

in Zhang, Ding, ... et Tan, 2019.

Curcuma tongii, a new species of Curcuma subg. Ecomatae (Zingiberaceae) from southern Yunnan, China, is described and illustrated here. The similarities and differences from its closest allied species in the subg. Ecomatae, C. singularis and C. flaviflora, C. newmanii, are discussed. The conservation assessment and distribution map are also provided.

Keywords: Curcuma singularis, Curcuma flaviflora, Zingibereae, Zingiberoideae, new taxon, conservation, distribution, Monocots

FIGURE 1. Curcuma tongii Y. H. Tan & L. X. Zhang.
A-B. Habit; C.Ligule; D. Bract. E. flower (front view); f. flower and flower bud (behind view); g. Floral tube with corolla lobes and stamen attached; h. Pistil; I. Dorsal corolla lobe; J. lateral staminodes; K. labellum; l. Stamen with style and stigma inside (side view).
Drawn by: Yun-Xi Zhu.

FIGURE 2. Curcuma tongii Y. H. Tan & L. X. Zhang. 
a. habit; B. Inflorescence (top view) C. Flowering individual; D. Detail of leaf blade abaxially (ligule in insets); E. root tuber (cross section); f. Bract and flowers (show bract supporting three flowers); g. Stamen attached to floral tube (behind, side and front view); h. Calyx; I. Dorsal corolla lobe; J. lateral corolla lobes; K. lateral staminodes, l. floral tube with labellum and stamen attached; M. ovary; N. Epigynous glands.
Photographed by H.B. Ding and Y.H. Tan 
(from Yun-Hong Tan 7168 & Yun-Hong Tan T0158).

Curcuma tongii Y. H. Tan & L. X. Zhang.  

Li-Xia Zhang, Hong-Bo Ding, Hai-Tao Li, Zhong-Lian Zhang and Yun-Hong Tan. 2019. Curcuma tongii, A New Species of Curcuma Subgen. Ecomatae (Zingiberaceae) from southern Yunnan, China. Phytotaxa. 395(3); 241-247. DOI: 10.11646/phytotaxa.395.3.9