Monday, June 8, 2020

[Botany • 2020] Argyreia pseudosolanum (Convolvulaceae) • A New Species of Argyreia from Thailand

Argyreia pseudosolanum Traiperm & Suddee

in Traiperm & Suddee, 2020.
เครือเศวตภูลังกา || DOI: 10.3897/phytokeys.149.50379 

Argyreia pseudosolanum Traiperm & Suddee, sp. nov. from the NE region of Thailand is described and illustrated. The new species is remarkable in having a very distinctive corolla shape similar to Solanum, and staminal filament bases glabrous or nearly glabrous with a few multicellular, uniseriate hairs at the attachment point on the corolla tube. Detailed descriptions, illustrations, a summary of the ecology and an IUCN conservation status are provided.

Keywords: filament morphology, new species discovery, Phu Langka, SE Asian biodiversity, staminal trichomes, taxonomy

Figure 1. Argyreia pseudosolanum.
A Stem with leaves and inflorescences B adaxial leaf surface C abaxial leaf surface D upper part of leaf, showing secondary veins on adaxial leaf surface E inflorescence bracts, outer (left) to inner (right) F 5 sepals from outer (left) to innermost (right) G flower in front view H opened corolla with 5 stamens I pistil, showing undulate disc and biglobose stigma J filament insertion showing an attachment point K single stamen L close-up of lower part of stamen, showing a few multicellular uniseriate hairs M multicellular uniseriate hair N young fruits with sepals O fruit in longitudinal section, showing 2 immature seeds.
All drawn by N. Chitchak from voucher specimens Suddee et al. 5363 (BKF) (A–M), P. Kochaiphat 353 (BKF) (N, O).

Figure 2. Argyreia pseudosolanum inflorescence, corolla and young fruit details.
A and C inflorescence and flower in lateral view, showing cymose inflorescence with short peduncle, and rotate corolla shape B flower in frontal view, showing 5-lobed corolla limb (star-shaped), exserted genitalia and pinkish anthers (voucher: Suddee et al. 5363) D young fruits (voucher: P. Kochaiphat 353).
Photographs A–C by W. Kiewbang, D by P. Kochaiphat.

Argyreia pseudosolanum Traiperm & Suddee

Diagnosis: Similar to Argyreia corneri in having a white rotate corolla, but differs in narrowly elliptic, oblong or lanceolate leaf shape (versus ovate), the ovate outer sepal shape (versus broadly ovate), the limb distinctly star-shaped with 5-triangular lobes (versus limb vaguely 5-angled).

Distribution and ecology: In mixed deciduous forest on a sandstone plateau. Elevation: 530 m.

Etymology: The specific epithet refers to the corolla shape, which is similar to Solanaceae and not found elsewhere in Argyreia.

Vernacular name: Khruea sawate phulangka (เครือเศวตภูลังกา), the name is given by the authors.

 Paweena Traiperm and Somran Suddee. 2020. A New Species of Argyreia (Convolvulaceae) from Thailand. PhytoKeys. 149: 109-115. DOI: 10.3897/phytokeys.149.50379