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[Herpetology • 2019] Ischnocnema bocaina • A New Species of Ischnocnema Reinhardt & Lütken, 1862 (Anura: Brachycephalidae) of the I. lactea species series from southeastern Brazil

Ischnocnema bocaina 
 Taucce, Zaidan, Zaher & Garcia, 2019

We describe a new species of Ischnocnema from the Serra da Bocaina mountain range, state of São Paulo, southeastern Brazil, based on morphological, bioacoustic, and mtDNA data. The new species is retrieved with high support values within the I. lactea species series as the sister species of I. spaniosIschnocnema bocaina sp. nov. is characterized by its medium size (18.6–19.0 mm), a smooth venter, a rounded snout in dorsal view and acuminate in lateral view, a slightly expanded subgular, single vocal sac, a round and whitish, poorly-developed glandular-appearing nuptial pad on the dorsal surface of the thumb, and a nonpulsed advertisement call with 9 to 18 notes. We raise to 38 the number of Ischnocnema species, the 12th described in the past 10 years.

Keywords: Atlantic Rainforest, Bioacoustics, Brachycephaloidea, Integrative taxonomy, Molecular phylogeny

FIGURE 4. Live specimen of Ischnocnema bocaina sp. nov., holotype (MZUSP 138663).
 Photo by P. C. A. Garcia.

Ischnocnema bocaina sp. nov.

Etymology. The specific epithet refers to the Bocaina Mountain Range (Serra da Bocaina, in Portuguese), where the type locality of the species is located, in recognition of the great biodiversity importance of this mountain range. The name is used here as a noun in apposition.

Pedro P. G. Taucce, Bárbara F. Zaidan, Hussam Zaher and Paulo C. A. Garcia. 2019.  A New Species of Ischnocnema Reinhardt and Lütken, 1862 (Anura: Brachycephalidae) of the I. lactea species series from southeastern Brazil. Zootaxa. 4706(4); 531–545. DOI: 10.11646/zootaxa.4706.4.3