Monday, November 2, 2015

[Crustacea • 2015] Actaea grimaldii • A New Species of Reef Crab (Brachyura, Xanthidae) from Papua New Guinea

Actaea grimaldii Ng & Bouchet, 2015


A new species of xanthid crab, Actaea grimaldii, is described from the coral reefs of Papua New Guinea. This species has a distinctive red and white coloration and is closest to Actaea spinosissima Borradaile, 1902, from the Indian Ocean. However, the new species can be distinguished by the arrangement of spines on the carapace, chelipeds and ambulatory legs, and the structure of the male gonopods. Actaea grimaldii sp. nov. has also been confused with A. polyacantha (Heller, 1861), but differs markedly in the carapace armature.

Keywords: Crustacea, Xanthidae, Papua New Guinea, Actaea, new species.

Infraorder Brachyura Latreille, 1802
Superfamily Xanthoidea MacLeay, 1838

Family Xanthidae MacLeay, 1838
Subfamily Actaeinae Alcock, 1898

Genus Actaea De Haan, 1833

Actaea grimaldii sp. nov.
Figs 1–5
Actaea peronii var. squamosa – Calman 1900: 10 (not Actaea squamosa Henderson, 1893).
Actaea spinosissima – Odhner 1925: 59 (part). — Serène 1984: 115, pl. 14F. — Davie 2002: 511 (not
Actaea spinosissima Borradaile, 1902).

Etymology: The species name is in honour of His Serene Highness Albert II, Prince of Monaco, patron of the PAPUA NIUGINI Expedition and several other biodiversity expeditions of the “Our Planet Reviewed” programme conducted by MNHN and Pro-Natura International. The red and white colour pattern of the new species also alludes to the colours associated with the House of Grimaldi.

Distribution: This species is known for certain from the Moluccas and Papua New Guinea, and is probably also present in Australia.

Peter K.L. Ng and Philippe Bouchet. 2015. Actaea grimaldii, A New Species of Reef Crab from Papua New Guinea (Crustacea, Brachyura, Xanthidae). European Journal of Taxonomy. 140: 1–18. DOI: 10.5852/ejt.2015.140