Sunday, June 1, 2014

[Botany • 2013] Coespeletia palustris • A New Species of Coespeletia (Asteraceae, Millerieae) from Venezuela

A new species of Coespeletia from the páramos of Mérida (Venezuela) is described here. This species, named Coespeletia palustris, is found in a few marshy areas of the páramo. It is closely related to C. moritziana, but differs from it in a smaller number of florets in the capitula, larger ray flowers with longer ligulae and longer linguiform appendages, smaller pollen grains, larger cypselae, ebracteate scapes, leaves and inflorescences with more whitish indumentum, larger leaf sheaths, and marshy habitat.

Keywords: Coespeletia, Compositae, Espeletiinae, frailejón, Millerieae, Páramos, Venezuela

Coespeletia palustris M. Diazgranados & G. Morillo

Figure 1. Coespeletia palustris: A abaxial view of the involucre B young leaves showing white basal portion C parts of the collection D capitulum of the holotype collection (Morillo et al. 14155) E acaulescent (or subsessile) habit and marshy habitat F whitish rosette from top. Coespeletia moritziana: G capitulum H caulescent habit and rocky habitat I yellowish rosette from top.

Mauricio Diazgranados and Gilberto Morillo. 2013. A New Species of Coespeletia (Asteraceae, Millerieae) from Venezuela. PhytoKeys. 28: 9–18. doi: