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[Herpetology • 2010] ตุ๊กแกถ้ำอาจารย์วีระยุทธ์ | Lauhachinda's Cave Gecko | Gekko lauhachindai • A new cave-dwelling gecko (Reptilia: Gekkonidae) from central Thailand

ตุ๊กแกถ้ำอาจารย์วีระยุทธ์ ตุ๊กแกเขาหินปูน - Lauhachinda's Cave Gecko
Gekko lauhachindai Panitvong, Sumontha, Konlek & Kunya, 2010 

A new species, Gekko lauhachindai sp. nov. is described from Saraburi Province in central Thailand. It is a member of the mid-sized Gekko petricolus group and within this group it is probably most closely related to G. grossmanni Günther, 1994, G. scientiadventura Rösler et al., 2005, G. russelltraini Ngo et al., 2009, and G. takouensis Ngo & Gamble, 2010 with which it shares a similar dorsal pattern. The new species is distinguished from its congeners by its moderate size (SVL at least to 98 mm) and slender body, rostral participation in the nostril border, precloacal pores 12–14, femoral pores absent, dorsal tubercle rows 14, snout less than 1.5 times eye diameter, presence of “I” shaped rostral groove, interorbital scale rows 36–40, digit I and IV of pes with 13 and 13–15 enlarged subdigital scansors, respectively, and dorsal pattern of large bright spots dorsally that may be expanded to 5–6 whitish narrow cross bars intersected by a bright mid-dorsal dotted line from nape to sacrum. The new species is one of many recently described Southeast Asian geckos that appear to be restricted to limestone caves. It is the seventh species of Gekko known from Thailand and the third Gekko occurring in sympatry in the karst forests of Chalermphrakiat District, Saraburi Province, central Thailand.
Key words: Gekko lauhachindai, Gekkonidae, Thailand, description, Gekko petricolus, limestone

Panitvong, N., Sumontha, M., Konlek, K. & Kunya, K. 2010. Gekko lauhachindai sp. nov., a new cave-dwelling gecko (Reptilia: Gekkonidae) from central Thailand. Zootaxa. 2671, 40–52.