Sunday, September 23, 2012

[Mammalogy • 2000] Rhinolophus maendeleo • a horseshoe bat (Chiroptera, Rhinolophidae) from Tanzania; noteworthy for its systematics and biogeography

Maendeleo Horseshoe Bat

Rhinolophus maendeleo Kock, Csorba, and Howell, 2000

Described is Rhinolophus maendeleo n. sp. from the Coastal Lowland forests, Tanzania. The new species differs from its closest relative Rh. adami by the shape of noscleaf and by cranial and baCillar characteristics. The systematics of the new species and its Central African forest-dwelling relative is discussed.
Keywords: Chiroptera, Rhinolophus, new species, systematics, adami-group, Tanzania, Coastal Lowland forests, biogeography.

Kock, D., G. Csorba, and K. M. Howell. 2000. Rhinolophus maendeleo n. sp. From Tanzania, a horseshoe bat noteworthy for its systematics and biogeography (Mammalia, Chiroptera, Rhinolophidae). Senckenbergiana biologica. 80 (1/2). 233-239.